Derma Roller Box from Mavian Beauty
Led Light Therapy Derma Roller from Mavian Beauty
Derma Roller - the tiny needles cause micro-punctures to the skin to stimulate collagen production and help the absorption of serums and other products.
Derma Roller is a convenient option for micro-needling treatments at home
Derma Roller with Red and Blue Light Therapy from Mavian Beauty
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Derma Roller holding by hand
Derma Roller with Red and Blue light therapy from Mavian Beauty
Derma Roller Head
LED Light Therapy and Derma Roller
LED Light Therapy and Derma Roller
LED Light Therapy and Derma Roller
LED Light Therapy and Derma Roller
LED Light Therapy and Derma Roller

LED Light Therapy and Derma Roller

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Detoxify your skin with the multi-purpose LED Light Therapy and Derma Roller. Using micro-needling and LED light therapy, this portable tool cures skin fatigue and clears spots, scars, and sun damage, providing your face and body products with a clean slate to work their magic.

  • FAST FACTS: Features 3 needle sizes for different needs; emits red light (630 nm) to promote cell regeneration and tighten skin, increase blood circulation, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines; and uses blue light (415 nm) to fight bacteria, soothe inflammation, speed up healing, and prevent new breakouts.
  • PERFECT FOR: All skin types
  • WHAT YOU GET: LED Derma Roller for Blemishes with a built-in rechargeable battery; 3 needle sizes (0.25 mm is best for beginners and promotes thickening of the epidermis to promote skincare absorption; 0.5 mm treats shallow wrinkles, UV damage, light scarring, and hyperpigmentation while boosting product absorption; and 1.0 mm, which can be used on the face and body to reach deeper skin layers and encourage collagen production, reverse sun damage and signs of aging, and improve skin texture); 3 replacement roller heads; USB cable; user manual
  • MATERIALS: 540 mm needles, red and blue LED lights
  • Beginners and those looking for anti-aging effects can use it once or twice weekly. You may use it thrice a week if you are an experienced user treating acne, hyperpigmentation, or scarring.
  • To clean, soak the device in alcohol and wipe dry with a towel.
  • Store inside the box and place in a dry area.
  • Do not charge the device close to the sink.
  • With proper use and care, the device can last up to 5 years.

How To Use

Step By Step Guide

Step 1

Soak the roller head in 75% alcohol for 5 to 8 minutes.

Step 2

Wash, pat dry, and apply the serum of choice on your face.

Step 3

Choose an LED light, depending on your skin's concern. Glide the LED Light Therapy and Derma Roller across your face 4 to 5 times in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal directions.

Step 4

Apply the rest of your skincare and face mask.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You may experience slight discomfort on your first use. If needed, apply numbing cream with 1.0 mm needles.

Yes. It is suitable for all skin types. We recommend starting with the 0.25 mm needle until your skin gets used to the sensation.

As you roll the device on your face, the needles will stimulate blood circulation. You may experience slight tingling and irritation when combined with skincare during the first use. However, if an adverse reaction persists, stop using it. Consult your skincare specialist or wait until your skin’s health has improved before using the roller again.