Welcome to Mavian Beauty

Welcome to Mavian Beauty, where luxury and affordability meet to create an exceptional spa-like facial experience at home. Developed by a master esthetician, our premium line of skincare tools and accessories are designed in America and combine the most advanced plasma technologies from Japan and Korea for at-home skin care like no other. 

With a strong focus on quality and real skincare concerns, we provide all the essentials and step-by-step instructions for an effortless yet effective routine. Indulge in the Mavian Beauty experience and transform your daily routine into a lavish ritual that will leave you feeling pampered, refreshed, and loved the way you and your skin deserve.

Meet Maya

Maya Vu is a spa owner and master esthetician with over a decade of experience. Since day one, her philosophy has been rooted in the belief that caring for oneself daily is the key to aging beautifully. Realizing that most women only use basic skincare products and lack the right tools to maximize their benefits, Maya dreamed of creating the best at-home facial. 

Thus, Mavian Beauty was born. Today, Mavian (MA-ya + VI-ncent + ry-AN) serves as a symbol of determination and elegance as Maya inspires her sons, Vincent and Ryan, to chase their dreams as she did. Through the brand, Maya remains steadfast in her mission to empower women to put themselves first today and every day.

10+ years of unparalleled expertise

Since 2010, Nail Boutique Spa in Auburn, AL has been the go-to destination for those seeking tranquility and rejuvenation. Our spacious and inviting spa offers a full range of services, from indulgent mani-pedi treatments to blissful foot and body massages, all designed to pamper and soothe.

But our true specialty lies in our signature facial treatments. Maya Vu knows what it takes to achieve healthy, radiant skin and has dedicated years of thorough research and development to ensure that every product in the Mavian Beauty line is of the highest quality. While our brand may be new, our commitment to providing the best skin care remains strong. We promise to bring the same expertise and experience from our spa to your home with Mavian Beauty.